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What Is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker ?

In this guide, you will learn the basics of what a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is and the type of work it entails.

Educational Requirements For An LCSW.

To become an LCSW, you must complete a master's degree program in social work at a university or college. LCSW programs are known for their rigor and emphasis on clinical practicum. Many graduate programs include hundreds of hours of clinical experience. During these hours, you will get hands-on experience with a community-based client. You can also pursue a career in private practice.

An LCSW must complete 24 semester hours or 32 quarter hours of coursework to become licensed. One course must be in psychopathology. Other courses must be in human development, diagnosis, and clinical practice. LCSWs must complete a Clinical Education Worksheet to demonstrate their knowledge. During their training, LCSWs are expected to take a continuing education examination every two years. This exam is administered by the American College Testing Program.

Areas Of Focus For A Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

LCSWs provide treatment for people with mental illnesses and offer social services. The MSW program focuses on various areas of social work. Some MSW programs allow students to specialize and focus on specific areas. For example, a substance abuse concentration may have students work in a methadone clinic. A geriatric concentration might have LCSWs working in nursing homes. A specialized MSW program may be more appropriate for those who are interested in psychiatric counseling.

An LCSW can offer support for people with developmental disabilities.

With the right help, these individuals can live fulfilling lives. LCSWs with specialization in developmental disabilities can provide counseling and behavioral therapies for individuals and their families. They can also provide referrals to various social services systems, which can help the disabled get the equipment and services they need. You should not worry about what you're going to face if you decide to become an LCSW.

Where Do LCSW Work

LCSWs work in mental health facilities and hospitals. They are licensed to provide clinical therapy and social services. Often, they work nights and weekends, which means you must be available at all times. An LCSW can help people cope with mental illness or behavioral disorders by offering resources and counseling. You can also find an LCSW in a doctor's office. An LCSW can work with other healthcare professionals in the community.

Depending on where you live, you can find an LCSW in your area. An LCSW can work in a variety of different settings. In a mental health center, you can be a counselor or a case manager. Some states require a license for an LCSW to practice.


As a licensed clinical social worker, you can also advocate for social causes. Some advocates even become public figures by standing up for their clients. If this type of work interests you consider attending a university to obtain a degree as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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