Houston Social Work Job Board: How To Find A Career Helping Others

Do you want to find a social work job in Houston?

The University of Houston offers a job board that exclusively focuses on social work employment opportunities in Houston.

This job board is updated daily with jobs in social service, social welfare, and social justice.

What Is Social Work?

Social work is the social work profession which is concerned with social problems and social welfare. Social workers often help those who are disadvantaged, and the social worker's job typically involves helping people improve their social situations. Students usually study social sciences in college before they become social workers.

Why Social Work Is Important In Houston

In Houston, social work is important to low income residents because they often have social issues that social workers are trained to address. Social work can help with social issues such as education, mental health, housing, and employment. Social work can also offer interventions for these social problems for both individual and family level.

Essentially when you have a problem navigating community resources a quick call to a Houston social worker can help you to find solutions.

Editor's Note: If you are a social worker who needs to connect clients to community resources, the website Houston Case Managers offers 100s of easy to understand guides on connecting individuals to housing, employment, food, and health care programs in Houston.

University of Houston Social Work Job Board

The University of Houston social work job board offers social work jobs in Houston to college students and the public. This website is managed by the University of Houston Social Work department and is updated with jobs by local Houston non-profits who are seeking qualified social workers.

Students looking for internships, social workers looking for new jobs, social services organizations looking for qualified social workers and employers seeking social work applicants can utilize this job board with ease.

Other Places To Find Social Work Jobs In Houston

For even more places to find career opportunities in social work, you can visit these websites.

  • Houston Healthcare Jobs is a website that specifically focuses on medical jobs in Houston. This includes healthcare jobs, social services and non-profit employment opportunities in Houston.
  • The United Way Job Bank is another great place to find Houston social work jobs.
  • Indeed is one of he biggest employment websites on the internet and you can certainly find jobs in the field there.
  • Craigslist is yet another option. I actually found my first job with the Harris Center on Craigslist, so consider this website if you are just starting a social work career.

Each of these websites offer the opportunity for you to explore different aspects of social work that might interest you or be your perfect fit.


The University Social Work job boards are a great resource for people looking to find social work jobs.

The UH social work job board is updated daily with jobs. If you're considering a career change or just interested in exploring this field further, consider checking out some other websites that offer more options when it comes to social work employment opportunities. Those include HoustonHealthcareJobs.com, United Way of Greater Houston and Indeed.

Best of luck on your Houston social work job search!