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How To Become An Ultrasound Tech In Houston

The Complete Guide to Becoming an Ultrasound Tech in Houston


Are you intrigued by the medical field and the advanced technology it employs? If so, becoming an Ultrasound Tech, also known as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, might be the perfect career choice for you. Whether you're currently in this role in another city or are contemplating a career pivot, this guide will offer you insights into the world of Ultrasound Techs, with a particular focus on Houston, Texas.

What is an Ultrasound Tech?

An Ultrasound Tech operates special imaging equipment to create images or conduct tests that help physicians assess and diagnose medical conditions. From monitoring the growth of a fetus during pregnancy to detecting diseases such as cancer, the role of an Ultrasound Tech is pivotal in the medical diagnostic process.

Duties of an Ultrasound Tech

In your role as an Ultrasound Tech, your day-to-day tasks might include:

  • Operating ultrasound equipment to produce and record images according to physician's directive.
  • Observing screen during scan to ensure the image produced is optimal for diagnostic purposes.
  • Presenting images and preliminary findings to physicians and the healthcare team.
  • Maintaining patient records, equipment, and supplies.

Ultrasound Tech Salary in Houston, Texas

In Texas, an Ultrasound Tech salary is usually competitive due to the critical nature of the job. On average, an Ultrasound Tech can expect a salary of approximately $75,000 per year in Texas, but this can vary based on experience, specialization, and the exact location of the job.

Skills Needed to Become an Ultrasound Tech

To excel as an Ultrasound Tech, the following skills are crucial:

  • Technical proficiency to operate and maintain ultrasound equipment.
  • Strong understanding of human anatomy and medical terminology.
  • Detail-oriented approach to accurately record and interpret results.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills to interact with patients and medical staff.

Education/Certifications Needed to Become an Ultrasound Tech

To become an Ultrasound Tech, you need:

  • A postsecondary certificate or associate degree in sonography from an accredited program.
  • Certification from a recognized agency, such as the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). While not always required, many employers prefer certified candidates.

Best Places in Houston to Work as an Ultrasound Tech

Houston, being one of the largest cities in the U.S., offers ample opportunities for Ultrasound Techs. Here are some healthcare providers to consider:

Jobs to Promote to After Working as an Ultrasound Tech

With further training and experience, Ultrasound Techs can advance to become lead sonographers or department managers. Alternatively, you may choose to specialize in more complex types of sonography, which can result in higher compensation. Specialized sonographers, for instance, earn an average salary of about $85,000 per year in Texas.


Being an Ultrasound Tech in Houston offers a fulfilling career where technology meets patient care. It's a role that not only provides competitive compensation but also a chance to make a significant impact on patients' lives.

If you're ready to take the next step, start by researching accredited sonography programs and certification options. Begin your rewarding journey today as an Ultrasound Tech in the dynamic healthcare scene of Houston. It's a path where your skills can truly make a difference in the world of healthcare.