How To Become A Patient Transporter In Houston

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on being a Patient Transporter. If you've been considering a career in this field, are looking to transition jobs, or are simply curious about what a Patient Transporter does in Houston, you're in the right place. This article will provide a thorough overview and offer insights on what you can expect from a career in patient transportation.

What is a Patient Transporter?

A Patient Transporter is an essential member of a healthcare team. Their primary role involves moving patients safely between different departments in the hospital or healthcare facility. These professionals are entrusted with the care of patients and are responsible for ensuring their comfort and well-being during transportation.

Duties of a Patient Transporter

The average day for a Patient Transporter involves various duties. These include:

  • Safely transporting patients to and from hospital departments.
  • Ensuring patients are comfortable and secure during transport.
  • Maintaining communication with healthcare teams to understand patient needs.
  • Keeping track of transportation equipment, like wheelchairs and stretchers.
  • Documenting patient transportation details and updating patient records.

Patient Transporter Salary in Houston, Texas

As per job market analysis, the average annual Patient Transporter salary in Texas is around $25,000 - $30,000. However, your exact salary as a Patient Transporter will depend on factors such as your level of experience, the complexity of the job, and the specific healthcare facility you work for.

Skills Needed to Become a Patient Transporter

To be successful as a Patient Transporter, you'll need a certain set of skills. These include:

  • Physical stamina to move patients and handle equipment.
  • Excellent communication skills to interact with patients and healthcare staff.
  • Empathy and patience to care for patients.
  • Attention to detail for maintaining accurate records.

Education/Certifications Needed to Become a Patient Transporter

A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required to become a Patient Transporter. Many hospitals provide on-the-job training to help you understand the specifics of patient handling and safety protocols. It's also beneficial to have a Basic Life Support (BLS) certification from the American Heart Association or a similar body, as this shows your ability to handle emergencies.

Best Places in Houston to Work as a Patient Transporter

Several healthcare facilities in Houston offer excellent opportunities for Patient Transporters. Here are a few:

  • Houston Methodist: This leading healthcare system provides high-quality patient care and offers a supportive work environment.
  • Memorial Hermann Health System: This is one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in Southeast Texas, known for its exceptional patient care.
  • Texas Children's Hospital: This is one of the top children's hospitals in the nation, offering a compassionate and collaborative work environment.

Jobs to Promote to After Working as a Patient Transporter

Working as a Patient Transporter can be a stepping stone to other positions in the healthcare industry. With additional training and education, you could advance to roles like Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant, or even Registered Nurse, where you can expect a substantial increase in salary.


Being a Patient Transporter in Houston can be a rewarding career path, especially if you enjoy helping others and working in a healthcare setting. This role offers an entry point into the healthcare field with room for career advancement.

We encourage you to learn more about this role, consider the skills and qualifications you might need, and explore opportunities in Houston. Whether you're starting your career or looking for a career change, your journey to becoming a Patient Transporter could be just a few steps away.