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What Is An Occupational Therapy Assistant?

What Is An Occupational Therapy Assistant?

Occupational therapy assistants coordinate rehabilitation plans for patients who are confined to bed or who are suffering from disabilities. Often, these plans involve exercises and progressive movements that help the patient regain motor skills. A rehabilitation plan can also be created to teach patients the necessary skills for living independently. Occupational therapy assistants work in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. This job requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Moreover, you should be physically fit, able to stand and lift patients and know the rules and regulations regarding your profession.

Duties of an occupational therapy assistant

An OTA will work with patients who have physical or mental limitations, such as those with autism. They must be detail-oriented, compassionate, and able to follow directions. Moreover, they must be able to adapt to different kinds of patient environments. Whether working in a hospital or in private practice, an OTA must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Furthermore, they should possess moderate physical strength, including the ability to bend down for patients and kneel to assess their level of fitness.

Occupational therapy assistants are responsible for collaborating with occupational therapists in the development of treatment plans. During a patient's treatment, they teach them how to move and stretch themselves. Occupational therapy assistants may also work with injured workers to retrain them to work around their limitations. Moreover, they may also help teach individuals with learning disabilities how to use various equipment and adjust their daily routines.

Occupational therapy assistants help people with disabilities, injuries, and back pain recover

An OTA supervises the exercises and determines the best orthotic devices for a patient. They may also help improve self-esteem and recommend mobility changes for individuals with disabilities. They may even help employees recover from work-related lower back injuries. The OTA will supervise the exercises and recondition the workplace. The OTA's job is an essential part of the medical field.


If you enjoy helping others and have patience and compassion you may enjoy working as an Occupational Therapy Assistant.