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What Is A Medical Transcriptionist?

What Is A Medical Transcriptionist?

A medical transcriptionist is a person who transcribes spoken notes taken by physicians. These notes are transcribed into text for medical records. Many doctors use voice recognition software to dictate their notes. The job of a medical transcriptionist is highly technical and involves careful attention to detail. The results of a good job are crucial for the quality of patient care. It is important to choose a reliable service that offers quality services.

A medical transcriptionist can work in a variety of healthcare settings. In 2016, there were about 57,400 jobs available. More than half were employed by hospitals. Another quarter worked for administrative and support services companies. Approximately five percent of these individuals were self-employed and three percent were employed in diagnostic laboratories.

Skills needed to be a medical transcriptionist.

Aside from computer skills, a medical transcriptionist must have a thorough understanding of the English language. The job demands a very skilled listener, as doctors come from various cultures and languages.

A medical transcriptionist must have excellent typing skills. They must be able to quickly type text and comprehend the meaning of medical terminology. It is important that a medical transcriptionist has good grammar skills. Candidates who are not able to answer these questions should be discouraged from applying for jobs. This type of job requires a lot of dedication, as the transcriptionist must deal with sensitive and confidential medical information every day.

Duties of a medical transcriptionist.

The medical transcriptionist is responsible for converting dictations into text. A medical transcriptionist produces a wide range of documents, including patient care reports, correspondence, statistics, and administrative materials. A medical transcriptionist also edits the dictated report to fix spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. A good transcriptionist has excellent oral and written communication skills and an excellent command of the English language.

How medical transcription works.

A medical transcriptionist documents health encounters with patients by typing their findings. Most physicians use dictation systems to record their findings and then send the files to a transcriptionist for transcription. The physician transmits the dictation files to the medical transcriptionist, who uses a voice-recognition system to capture the audio. The transcriptionist then writes down the dictation and returns a spoken description of a patient's experience.

In addition to the transcriptionist, a medical transcriptionist can also be a secretary or a physician's assistant. A medical transcriptionist does not need to have a degree, but it is still essential to have a high level of education. A full-time position may be better suited for you if you are interested in a more flexible schedule. There are several benefits to outsourcing your work. Outsourcing can save you money on payroll, but the job can be stressful.

Salary of a medical transcriptionist.

Salaries for a medical transcriptionist depend on a few factors, including location, years of experience, and education. An average MT makes between $25,000 and $121,000 annually. Those with a bachelor's degree will be able to earn an entry-level salary. Aside from a great job, a medical transcriptionist can also work part-time. Aside from having a flexible schedule, you can also enjoy a full-time income as a medical transcriptionist.


If you are a great listener, skilled at typing, and enjoy healthcare, you should consider looking into a career as a Medical Transcriptionist.