What Is A Hospital Patient Navigator?

A Hospital Patient Navigator is a professional who helps patients navigate the health care system. These individuals typically work with hospital patients. In this article, we'll cover the job duties and the qualifications required to work as a patient navigator. Read on to learn more about this position! And remember, there are many job descriptions for patient navigators. You might want to look at some examples for further information. Listed below are some of the most common qualifications for this position.

Job duties

The job duties of a hospital patient navigator are diverse, but they all have one common goal: to provide the best patient-centered care possible. A patient navigator is responsible for educating patients about various health-care options and fostering understanding of their condition. In the field, the patient navigator should be patient, understanding, and compassionate, fostering the confidence of patients. The following are some common tasks of a hospital patient navigator.


What is a Hospital Patient Navigator? The patient navigator's primary job is to make the process of receiving health care as easy as possible for patients. They are expected to answer patients' questions and foster a sense of confidence in patients and their families. Hospitals are looking for patient navigators who are well-versed in healthcare systems and can help patients navigate those systems. Qualifications for Hospital Patient Navigators vary.


Training for hospital patient navigators includes various techniques to help ensure that trainees are well informed about their patients' rights, responsibilities, and treatment options. The most common methods include lectures, discussions, group games, and take-home learning materials. While onsite training is the most common method, online training may also be an effective alternative. However, more research is needed to determine what is most effective. Here are some of the advantages of online training.


In the 80s, the first patient navigator program was set up at a New York City hospital. This program was intended to help people with medical problems navigate the healthcare system. Patients who were having a hard time understanding their condition or who were financially struggling could benefit from patient navigators. These advocates are trained and licensed by the hospital to ensure the best care. The patient navigator job description is extensive and covers a wide variety of topics.